Srividya Prakashan
Pages 228,
Published in 2004

A practice of worshipping a headless nude feminine idols/icons, or worship of its vagina or worship of her symbol was prevalent. Besides her, the masculine element usually existed symbolically as an ox, or a horse, or sun, a serpant. The book ‘Lajjaguri’ compiles all Dr. Dhere’s work and research on this topic.

In the very beginning of the book, twenty three photographs of such images at various places or museums are given.  The subsequent chapters present a detailed analysis of various feminine forms or element like Lajjagauri, Jogulamba, Matangi, Matangipata, Ambuwachi and Kumbha-pratik. Articles on Jyotiba and Subramanya discuss the concept of worship of ‘Kshetrapal’.  Next chapter discusses the various forms of ‘Aditi’. The last two appendices discuss the very concepts behind the manifestations, Jyotiba and Lajjagauri. Detailed references and bibliography at the end give this book a distinct, definitive ending.

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