Lok Sanskrutiche Upasak


- R. C. Dhere


This volume was first printed in 1996, with a subsequent reprint by 2002. It has 13 chapters, each dedicated to a particular type, tribe, caste of the various trades and practitioners who kept the tradition of Maharashtra folk culture alive through the centuries.
The book elaborates on the style, form, manner of living and present status of following kinds of folk performers.

  1. Vasudev
  2. Gondhalee
  3. Bhutya
  4. Waghya-Murali
  5. Bharadi
  6. Potraj
  7. Jogtee-Jogteen
  8. Precedence of the ‘Shahiri’ tradition
  9. ‘Kalyan’s and ‘Pahaatgaan’s
  10. Bhaand (s)
  11. Sahdev and Bhaadali
  12. Other minor performers
  13. The folk culture of Maharashtra

The volume, and especially the last article, unfolds the inter-relations between folk culture and Maharashtriyan bhakti literature; it discusses the exact meaning of the words folklore, folk culture and its facets in the context of Maharashtra. It also unfolds the worship of folk-gods reflected in the folk culture and their narratives. It distinguishes between  elite and folk literature, taking cues from these narratives. It points out the motifs of folk-literature which influenced the biographies of Maharashtriyan saints.


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