Prachin Marathichya Navdhara

Moghe Prakashan,
pages 168,
Published in 1972


The book was intended to cover nine streams of Marathi literature generally lesser known to the common Marathi reader. They are as follows: Jain, Veershaiva, Ganapatya, Nagesh, Madhva, Ramanuj, Harinarayan and Anand. Due to constraints of the number of pages, the book only discusses the first four.

The author explains the rationale for a book in the preface.

The book consists of four sections :
1. Marathi literature by the Jains.
2. Marathi literature by the Veershaivas.
3. Marathi literature by the devotees of Ganapati.
4. Marathi literature by the followers of Nagesh sect.





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