Folklore – Some exploration and critique(Loksahiya: shodhani Sameeksha)

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  Sree Vidya Prakashan
Published in 1990.

This book becomes an important resource for those who want to understand various types of folklore. Dr. Dhere has presented a vast range of such folklore. It ranges from the etymological historical and social analysis of some the worst cursing words (shivi’s) in Marathi, to some comments on a very subtle, peculiar form of feminine folklore (owee).

It also justifies Bakhar’s as an important historigraphical resource, although secondary. It compares the literary work of saints and sages with folklore, and their mutual influences on each other. It presents the readers with an influences of mass media like ‘Keertans’, their use in the nationalistic movement. The book also gives its tribute to Mr. Rajwade for his approach on folklore as a resource to history. It (probably for the first time) gives a consolidated account of verses of saints, which are written in an apperant form of a puzzle – which when ‘decoded’ have a much spiritual meaning. It also analyzes ‘Ankush Purana’ from the view of folk element. It has a chapter, elaborating the link of folklore with history. In the preface of the book, the author raises a valid point How much importance should be attributed to ‘formal qualifications and so-called ‘specializations with regard to pure research? He propounds that these variates should not become a barrier, or a filter to accept truth as a whole.





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