(Shri Shambhu Mahadeo of Shikhar Shinganapur)

Shrividya Prakashan, 2001
Pages 463

Dr. Dhere, in the introduction, admits of mixed feelings as he presents the book to his readers. The joy of successfully completing work lasting over twelve or thirteen years was considerably dampened by the passing away of several friends and well wishers associated with the undertaking.

The declared intention of the book is not to study the deity or the sacred geography associated with it, which commands immense reverence in the hearts of the devotional sections of Maharashtrian society, but to explore the ramifications of the fact that Shambhu Mahadeo is the family deity of the Bhosale dynasty and that the dynasty itself is of South Indian provenance.

The sum and substance of this study may briefly be stated as follows:

  1. The founder of Shikhar Shinganapur was a pastoral chieftain called Baliyappa.
  2. He hailed from one of the branches of the Yadava dynasty of South India which, in turn, was derived from the Hoysalas who ruled over a Southern Empire for three centuries.
  3. Baliyappa is the originator of the Bhosale family, a name that is the Marathi rendering of the Kannada name ‘Hoysala’.
  4. The Hoysala-Yadava-Bhosale dynastic conglomerate ruled over the vast southern regions comprising Maharashtra-Karnataka-Andhra-Tamilnadu for well over nine centuries.
Dr.Dhere wishes his readers to understand and appreciate that these hypotheses are founded upon impeccable evidence, and hopes that the work will be read in a spirit of pure inquiry.



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