Pratibh...Insight of a genius

Dr. Ramchandra Chintaman Dhere was born on 21st July 1930 at Nigade, a small village near Pune.
He completed his primary education from Municipal School, Pune and secondary education from Poona English School and Poona Night School. In 1966, he completed his graduation. During his high school days he served as a proof reader in the local press. In 1975, he got his Ph.D. In 1980 he was honoured with a Doctorate in Literature (D.lit) by Pune University. In 2004, he received yet another of his D.lit.This was conferred upon him by the deemed University, Deccan college, Pune.

Since 1955 he has been writing on various subjects. Saint literature, Folk deities and gods, 'Bhakti' cult, holy places, folk literature, folk culture, folk art are his areas of studies. Some of his famous books are 'History of Nath cult' (Nath Sampradayacha Itihass), 'History of Dutta Cult' (Dutta Sampradayacha Itihaas), Chakrapani, Lajjagauri, Khandoba, In Search Of Indian Theater (Bharatiya Rangbhoomichya Shodhat), etc. Till now, a total 105 no. of his books have been published. These include his edited and prefaced works also.

Many national-international scholars refer his books to understand the cultural tradition of Maharashtra. Lot of international scholars also often cite his work in various fora and on official research platforms.
Recently, his researched volume "Shree Tulajabhawani" is Published. Now his new research project, "Karveerniwasini Mahalaxmi" is in print.

He is honoured with the 'Maharashtra Gaurav' award by Maharashtra Government, Lifetime Achievement Award by Maharashtra Foundation, Sahitya Academy Award and various awards by Pune and Mumbai University as well as Maharashtra Sahitya parishad, and a few other awards of Maharashtra government.
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