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  1. Performers, custodians and practitioners of folk Culture (1964) -
    The book deals with the introduction of folk culture institutions like Vasudev, Gondhalee, Bhutya, Waghya-Moorali, Bharadi, Potraj and their historical Importance.

  2. Artisans of Integrity - (New edition of book Muslim saint poets) -
    It is an introduction of life and works of known-unknown Muslim saint poets in Maharashtra.

  3. History of Dutta cult- (Expanded edition of the book "Sri Nrsimha Saraswati-life and tradition") -
    It is a book which deals with the majesty of Dutta with reference to Maharashtra. This book unraveled Maharashtriyan tradition of worship of Dutta. This is the only authentic book devoted to Dutta among all Indian languages.

  4. World of the folk deities and gods (Lok Devatanche vishwa) -
    (Expanded and sophisticated edition of book "The Horizons of folk culture"- Lok Sanskritichi Kshitije)
    It tracks rise and development of folk deities in Maharashtra, expanses of People's belief behind their religious services and missing links of history of icons.

  5. In Search of Indian Theater - (Bhartiya Rangbhoomichya shodhat) -
    Search of connections between traditional performances and modern Indian Theater.

  6. Folk god of the South-Khandoba - (Dakshinecha Lokdev- Khandoba) -
    The book contains basic study about this deity who embraced, Andhra, Karnataka and Maharashtra.

  7. Saint, Folk and Elites- (Sant, Lok aani abhijan) -
    In this book Nature of uplifting of Marathi folk culture and purification of racial culture which was shown by saints like Dnyaneshwar is explained.

  8. Shri Vitthal - A grand harmony of cultures (Shri Vitthal- Ek Mahasamnvay) -
    The book tracks "Vaishnavification" and uplifting of a popular deity of cowherds and pastorals in Southern part of India.

  9. (Lajjagauri) -
    It is a Researched volume, which gives new vision about the form and religious services of maternal deities. It also tells us about iconic world in Indian culture.

  10. (Shri Anandyatri) -
    The book discusses the feminine element worshipped by devotees in the more mature form of deity and may be regarded as an extension of the author’s  study  of the fertility goddess or Lajjagauri.

  11. Literature of saints and sages and folk literature - (Santsahitya ani Loksahitya)
    Search of the impact of literature of saints and sages on the people of Maharashtra in accordance with folk literature.

  12. ('Mahamaya' along with Dr. Tara Bhawalkar)

  13. (Charitraprabha) -
    It is a expanded and sophisticated form of the books named as "Santanchya Atmakatha" and "Santanchya Charitrakatha". This book contains basic study of biographies and autobiographies in ancient Marathi literature.

  14. (Shri Tulajabhavani) -  In depth  studies and analytical  research of the of nature, worship (religious service) and impact of  Goddess of Maharashtra, Tulajabhavani.

  15. Folk Literature: Quest and critique- (Lok Sahitya-Shodh ani Sameeksha) -
    The book highlights importance of study of folk tradition with respect to a cultural quest.

  16. Folk based streams of Ancient Marathi Literature- ( Prachin Marathichya Lokdhara) -
    This book introduces historic and prehistoric Marathi literature written by followers of Jain, Veershaiva, Ganpatya and Nagesh cults.

  17. Research and content of ancient Marathi literature (Prachin Marathi Wangmay-Shodh ani samhita)
    -A definitive and directive discussion about research, critique and history of literature, on the backdrop of ancient Marathi literary art.

  18. The Sanctum sanctorum of Maharashtra (Maharashtra cha gabhara)
    -A new look on the Maharashtriyan Gods and goddesses from the saints' approach.

  19. (Gangajali) - A collection of articles which unravels some important links of cultural history of Maharashtra while searching for ancient Marathi Literature and littérateurs. 

  20. (Kalpadrumachiye Tali) - Relishing and distinguishing articles about Shri Dnyaneshwar and Dnyaneshwari.

  21. (Amrutkanya) - Emotive articles describing the feminine world and characters in Sanskrit literature.

  22. (Kalpavel) - Introduction of life and work of poet Shri Krishna Dayarnava, author of a commentary "HariVarada" on tenth volume of "Bhagvata" purana.

  23. (Viraag and Anuraag) - 11 inventive essays on literature and culture.

  24. (Hi Chirantanachi Vaat) - 11 inventive essays on saint poets.

  25. (Punyaai) - It is a collection of inventive articles which deals with reformers and thinkers like Vishnubua Brahmchari, Mahatma Phule, Lokmanya Tilak, V. D. Sawarkar etc.

  26. (Manasyatra) - Articles on sacred places and saints and sages in India.

  27. (Laukik ani Alaukik) - A collection of articles stating form/nature of the eternal relationship between the worldly and ethereal elements in Indian culture.

  28. (Namayachi Jani) - Introduction of life and work of Marathi saint poetess Janabai.

  29. (Shri Saradamata) - Introduction of life and teachings of Shri Saradamata, wife of Shri Ram Krishna Paramhansa.

  30. (Sardar Vallabhabhai) - A brief account of life and work of Sardar Vallabhabahi Patel, one of the founders of Indian Independence.

  31. (Mahatma Chakradhar) - This is a book for children -
    This is a brief biography of Shri Chakradhar Swami, founder of Mahanubhav cult.

  32. Ready reckoner to Dehu - (Tuka zalase Kalas) -
    It is a booklet which gives introduction of sacred place Dehu.

  33. Ready reckoner to Aalandi -(Dnyanoba Mauli)
    It is a booklet which gives introduction of sacred place Aalandi.

  34. Ready reckoner to Morgaon and Chinchwad - (Mangalmoorthy Moraya)
    It is an introductory booklet which tells about Morgaon and Chinchwad where great devotee of Lord Ganesha Moraya Gosavi lived.

  35. Ready reckoner to Paithan- (Eka Janardani)
    It is a introduction of famous religious center Paithan, which was the abode of Saint Ekanath.

  36. (Shri Gurundev Dutta)
    It is an introduction of two holy places in Maharashtra- Audumbar and Narsobachi Wadi.

  37. (Shri Gurunche Gandharvapur) -
    It is an introduction of a holy place Ganagapur, where Shri Nrusimha Saraswati lived.

  38. (Shri Gode Bhavatap Hari) - Introduction of holy places,Nashik and Tryambkeshwar, situated on the banks of river Godawari.

  39. (Dalitancha Kaiwari Bhargavram) -
    An Introduction to Parashuram Kshetra. It is famous for temples of Parashuram, one of the 10 incarnations of Lord Vishnu.

  40. (Baarave Jyotirling)
    Introduction to famous Jyotirling - Shri Ghrushneshwar of Elora. It is one of the twelve Jyotirlingas.

  41. (Nagesham Darukawane) - Introduction of Aundha Nagnath, one of the twelve Jyotirlingas.

  42. (Yogeshwariche Maher) - Introduction of sacred place Aambajogai. It is a place of tutelary goddess of Maharashtra Yogeshwari.

  43. (Matapurachi Jaganmata) - An introduction to Mahur-one of the three and a half power centers,and an abode of Devi Renuka

  44. Golden Memories of Kshipra - (Kshiprechya Soneri Aathavani) -
    It is an introduction of Ujjayini. It is an abode of Mahakaleshwar, one of the twelve Jyotirlingas.

  45. (Jagrit Jagannath) - Introduction of Jagannathpuri. It is an abode of Jagannath -  The mighty God of Orissa.

  46. Tribhuwaneshwar Lingraj - Introduction of Bhuvaneshwar- religious and cultural center of Orissa.

  47. (Bhaktivedi Bahina) - A brief biography of saint poetess Bahinabai.

  48. (Prawasi Pandit) - A tale of journey of Chinese traveler explorer Hue en Tsang in India.

  49. (Tejaswi Dharmodharak) - A brief biography of a mighty sage of Hindu religion, Swami Shri Shankaracharya.

  50. Kingmaker Chanakya - (Nrupnirmata Chankya) -
    A brief biography of famous economist and political thinker Arya Chanakya.

  51. History of Nath cult- ( Nath Sampradayach Itihaas) - It is an expanded version of "Shri Guru Gorakhnath: Charitra ani Parampara"
    It is the first researched volume containing important information about Marathi Nath tradition.

  52. Indrayani - It is a collection of 9 articles about saints and sages and their literature. The content of this book was later freshly re-published into two books- "Hi Chiarantanachi Vaat" and "Viraag and Anuraaag"

  53. Inspirations of Ram Rajya- (Ram Rajyachya Sphutikendre)-
    It deals with the idealism of Samarth Ramdas with the help of Shri Ram Temple of Chaphal, Bhawani of Pratapgarh and Eleven Marutis founded by him

  54. (Vividha) - A collection of important articles about God and Goddesses, saints and sages, ancient Marathi literature and culture.

  55. The trumphant ode of Namdev (Namdeva- Ek Vijayayatra) -
    It is an introduction of work and life of Namdev, one of the great saints of the Bhagvat cult in Maharashtra.

  56. (Chakrapani) -
    It is a researched volume explaining cultural background of historic Marathi literature in the period of Yadav dynasty.

  57. (Shodhashilpa) -
    A collection of articles, explaining harmonious connection between Dnyaneshwar, founder of Bhagvat cult in Maharashtra and Mukundaraj, a great saint poet in Marathi.

  58. (Katha Panchak) -
    Some retold fable based teachings in folk literature and Puranas.

  59. (Shikhar Shinganapuracha Shri Shambhu Mahadev) -
    This book tracks cultural connections between Maharashtra and Karnataka and gives new vision about some royal dynasties with the help of Shambhu Mahadev (Lord Shiva) of Shikhar Shinganapur in Maharashtra.

  60. (Shri Mahalakshmi) -
    Study of nature, religious services, place and impact of tutelary Goddess of Maharashtra- Shri Mahalakshmi and accordingly it is a study of harmonious connection between Maharashtra and Karnataka.
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