Pratibh...Insight of a genius
   Itihasacharya Vishwanath Kashinath Rajwade

I find his critical analysis of the social history of India to be of most profound importance. His commentaries and findings on the history of Marathas are also valuable. Albeit my differences with them, they have served as a guiding torch for me. Many of his shortcomings and mistakes in his analysis of history also have carved my attitude as a researcher.

I regard him as my Guru, my mentor; most importantly so, because of his open and broad outlook about the resources of history. One can truly learn from him how the apparently negligible historical resources can prove to be of immense value, while deciphering various aspects of a culture.
   Vasudevsharan Agrawal

I feel quite close to his lyrical yet acute a style. His perception and analysis never deviated from the required intellectual discipline: but his presentation was always blessed with the due emotive element. This quality has influenced my style as well.
His writings bestowed upon me the fact that Indian history, arts, literature and folk culture can be viewed without neglecting the canvass a broad totality at the backdrop.
  Vidyanidhi Siddheshwarshastri Chitrao

The expanse of his work is massive. Two of his mega-volumes, namely The Encyclopedia of Indian biographies and the Encyclopedia of (Sacred) places are a testimony to this fact. These works also demonstrate how large knowledge bases can be handled with poise, due discipline and a definite vision.
I appreciate the labour, consistency and studious pursuit he demonstrated while establishing himself as studious commentator of the Vedas.

His flexible, non-assuming and reform oriented studious nature has also inspired me. He hails from the reformist tradition of thought, propagated by Wai based Kevalanand Saraswati.These were the people who always sought the freedom of true knowledge from the constraints of orthodoxy and a non compassionate style. I have always strived for this liberal attitude to reflect in my work.
  Damodar Dharmanand Kosambi

He is rightly praised as a world renowned historian. To me, his wider spectrum of his work areas is most significant. His command and mastery on Sanskrit language always proved useful in his pursuit of knowledge. He was the one who always compounded various faculties in an interdisciplinary manner in his work. Taking a cue from this, I could always avoid a biased and unilateral approach in my own research and get motivated for an interdisciplinary study of various faculties.
  Mahamahopadhyaya Datto Waman Potdar

I was fortunate enough to be in his vicinity for a long time. He inspired me to relentlessly pursue the hard work in procuring the various resources while studying a particular topic. In fact, this quality of him later became my passion. His understanding of the historical resources was astute and profound. This understanding taught me to pick up minute nuances of such resources.
I remember his huge and massive collection of books. It was only because of the cherished memories of this master, that I could preserve and expand my own collection-not withstanding the troubles and challenges involved with it.

In developing me as a researcher, Potdar has been the fatherly figure in terms of his contribution.
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