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Research Approach

  Dr. Dhere's work encompasses both the terms -'discovery' and 'research'. These two terms have different shades. The first term is related to 'knowing the hitherto unknown' while second term deals with the system and interpretation of newly acquired knowledge and new vision about the knowledge. Research work of Dr. Dhere is the best composition of these two terms. Though Dr. Dhere's research work mainly revolves around the subjects related to ancient or medieval literature, elite culture and folk culture, expanse of his research is vast. Ancient (Pre-historic) period to modern era, ancient deities to modern drama, expletives in the ancient inscriptions to oral Ovees- research area of Dr. Dhere has no limits.

   Dr. Dhere's vision about important resources and minor resources is very remarkable. It is closer to sociological approach rather than just the historical approach. He easily proves importance of minor resources in research and their capability to unravel complicated cultural occurrences through their applications. He never denies importance of any element of culture.
Study of any deity is always related to its devotee(s), is his basic theorem. So he always expands horizons of theogony up to the social psychology and also relates history of the religion to it.

  He throws new light on auditory culture, relationship between speaker and listener and continuous religious nurturing of medieval society while studying medieval literature. He believes that study of oral literature is also important and also underlines cultural reference of the literature. He is aware, how the process of "Puranaization" of history and transformation of folk culture into the elite culture goes on continuously in when he studies folk culture. His researches repeatedly prove that Sthana-mahatmya and Jatipuranas are the important instruments of cultural history. His views about research are developed through balance and co-ordination of tradition and modernism, beliefs and emotion and intelligence, hard work and brilliance. It is based on his contention that like in the inventive literature creative genius is profoundly important in the field of research.

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