Santasahitya ani Lokasahitya: Kahi Anubandha

Santasahitya ani Lokasahitya: Kahi Anubandha
(Literature of saints and the folk literature: Their inter-relations)

Shri Vidya Prakashan,
Published in (1978),
(pages 216),

The book discusses the relationship between traditional devotional literature and folk literature.Sages are close to the hearts of the masses. The masses produce literature that is inspired from their own imagination and aspirations. Thus both the streams of literature are organically related. Some of the essays cover independent streams and some of the observations about the same. Some of the essays study both the streams with reference to similarities and contradistinctions, bringing into light the mutual relationship between the two.

It consists of the following essays :
Chapter 1. Literature of Saints and folk
Chapter 2. Perspectives for the study of folk elements
Chapter 3. Enigma of acclamation of preceptor
Chapter 4. Revolutionary role of the institutionalization of the Mentor.
Chapter 5. The jolts of Vajrasoochi
Chapter 6. The fountainhead of the importance of chanting the name
Chapter 7. The quest for knowledge of a Koli
Chapter 8. Folk element in Ukhaharan
Chapter 9. Literature of saints and the Satyakriya

Appendix. Versions of Vajrasoochi


In the preface the author traces his emotional attachment to both, the devotional saint literature and the folk literature.







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