Shri Anandanayaki
  Padmagandha Prakashana,
Pages 104,
Published in 2002

The book discusses the feminine element worshipped by devotees in the more mature form of deity and may be regarded as an extension of the author’s  study  of the fertility goddess or Lajjagauri. He has written elsewhere about a deity in naked form as a goddess of creation and fertility. The articles presented in the book were published over a period of twenty two years.
In the foreword, the author describes the context of his study and the difficulties attendant upon it.

The discussion consists of six main topics.

  1. Abode of the primordial power
  2. Tutelary goddess of Dnyandeo
  3. Myths of marital life of the deities
  4. Anandanayaki of Ramateertha
  5. Interview related to the research endeavor from Lajjagauri to Anandanayaki
  6. An outline of the conceptual study of the female goddesses



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